Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ok...next month is going to be awesome

Next month, one of my local libraries is going to be host to events with Laurell K. Hamilton AND Augusten Burroughs (oh, and Norm Clarke and Tony Curtis together). I love getting to hear published authors talk about their experiences and asking them tons and tons of annoying questions, so this will be perfect. Laurell K. Hamilton is going to be on Friday, 6/5, @ 7 pm and Augusten Burroughs is going to be on Saturday, 6/20, @ 7 pm. (Sorry, you'll have to check www.lvccld.org if you want the info for ol' Norm and Tony.) Those are both days I'm not working, so I can actually go! And I was beginning to think the only event we were going to have was the one with the authors from Chicken Soup for the Soul...

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