Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why now?

I am currently musing about the events of the past few weeks which have inspired me to start this blog. On Monday, I started my new job as a technical writer for a local and very small software company. So I could, technically, say that I'm a professional writer. Actually, during the interview process I remember the founders of the company asking me if I ever kept a blog. My response was "I've tried, but my life really isn't interesting enough." Well I guess the events of the past few weeks, this day in particular, have kind of bloated my ego to the point where I've decided to keep one. Whilst working at the library, I ran into a former writing instructor whose first question was, typically, "So have you been working on a novel?" And when I told him no, he told me that I was the best writer he had come across in five years of teaching so how come I wasn't?! Nothing like that compliment to boost said ego. But then there's always the comments from people like my good friend who once said "You should watch Ace in the Hole. I think you'd like it because you're a writer. Well, not really, but you know what I mean."

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